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By Mohammed Ghobari
As fighting raged at the First Armored Division's base in central Sanaa, General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar arrived in a motorcade at the general staff headquarters and entered the building shouting "Treason! Treason!".
He grabbed some documents from a desk and left in a hurry, a defense ministry official said. Half an hour later, the commander of the Fourth Brigade Presiden ...

Deep underground, Yemen’s old, natural sources of clean, fresh water are drying up. Its reservoirs are depleted faster than they are replenished; its groundwater levels plummet by six meters a year in crowded, mountainous regions outside the cities of Sana’a, Taiz, Dhamar, Amran and Sa’ada. Yemenis say ten future generations’ worth of Yemen’s water is being used up no ...

The Shia rebels, despite having Shia appointed to many senior positions in the government and security forces, have still not withdrawn their gunmen from the capital. Over 2,000 Shia have been added to the government payroll since September. Most of the jobs the Shia took were key ones that controlled lots of non-Shia employees. The Shia don’t have the trained manpower to replace all the Sun ...

Zaki Samy Elakawi
The Arab awakening is creating a new socio-political and economic reality in the region, transforming the balance of power, not because states have become stronger, but rather because states have become weak and fragile.
A region in transformation
After three years since the beginning of the Arab uprisings, the emerging political order in the Middle East is marked by considerable ...

By Chris Arsenault
Nearly half the children in Yemen are suffering from malnutrition, the agriculture minister has said, as insurgencies, water scarcity and climate change exacerbate sectarian strife in the Arabian Peninsula's poorest state.
"More than half the population of Yemen suffers from food insecurity... 48 percent of the children suffer from malnutrition," Agriculture Minister F ...

The Houthi armed group and the Yemeni armed forces’ Sixth Regional Command appear to have committed violations of the laws of war during fighting in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, from September 17-21, 2014. The government should investigate alleged violations by both sides and appropriately punish those responsible.
Human Rights Watch documented six incidents that resulted in the death of on ...

Hakim Almasmari
SANAA // Yemen may claim to have a new government but it is clear who is calling the shots.
The Houthi rebels, who overran Sanaa in September, have taken up key positions in government ministries, installed themselves in the country’s main financial institions and taken control of the most important transport hubs.
The rebels, a group with roots in the Shiite Zaidi sect, had ...

Saudi Arabia put their disappointing start to the Gulf Cup behind them with a commanding 3-0 win over Bahrain last night to move to the top of Group A.
The hosts, heavily criticised by media and fans after a 1-1 draw against Qatar, responded with an assertive performance, which was further embellished by some embarrassing Bahrain defending.
The opposition contributed two own goals to the Saudi tal ...

Justin Vela and Ola Salem
The UAE on Saturday named 83 organisations it considers terror groups.
They include the Muslim Brotherhood, its UAE branch Al Islah, ISIL, Al Qaeda and the Houthi rebels in Yemen.
Although a number of organisations on the list had previously been named, it is the first the Government has released an official list.
This follows the passage of Federal law 7 of 2014 on comba ...

Author Farea al-Muslimi
Translator(s)Kamal Fayad
Yemeni state institutions suffered a collapse after the fragile political process sponsored by Gulf states and the UN Security Council ground to a halt after three years. This collapse put a definitive end to Western praise for the Yemeni paradigm, considered by some as the model for solving conflicts in the region.
The Gulf Initiative succeeded in ...

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