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Wildlife conservationists have raised alarm over the dwindling number of Arabian leopards in Yemen after pictures surfaced in local media of poachers
flaunting their kill.
In July, photos of armed young men dragging three dead leopards in the Al Shouaib region were circulated in the local press. “This is a tragic case of
ignorance that threatens the remaining endangered species of wild Arabi ...

If the passing of time is a demon for Yemeni silversmiths, the shiny promise of the youthful women of the country translates into tarnished silver accessories, for only the aged crones, the withered women of the mountain tribes relish the memory of their bridal silver jewelry, occasionally tangibly buried in a tin box under a bed, as the future of silver no longer yawns with the luster of yesterye ...

By Max Pam,
Ramadan in Yemen documents the travels of Australian photographer Max Pam through this amazing country in the late 1990s; a period marked by Yemen’s first
national election. Working exclusively in black and white Pam explored the country, translating his experiences into a series of images and diary entries, which reflects the artist’s distinctive style involving a layering ...

Cory Doctorow
Polish-American software developer Maciej Cegłowski decided to take a holiday in Yemen's capital city of Sana'a, home to breathtaking, 600-year-old skyscrapers that look like gingerbread houses.
Despite Yemen's (justifiable) reputation for being the prototypical failed state, riven by Islamic extremism and ineffectual government, Cegłowski discovered that the people of Sana ...

The Yemeni government is undertaking numerous efforts to preserve the status of the historic city of Zabid as a world heritage site, officials told Al-Shorfa.
In April, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) warned it would remove Zabid -- located in Hodeidah province -- from its World Heritage List unless the government improved conditions in the city within ...

Since it came into being and till now, it is still one of the mysteries of history. It is the door of the Kaaba. There is no documentation of its initial shape or what its builders looked like. There is, however, one indisputable historical fact: the Kaaba had two doors for a long time.
“Today the door of the Kaaba rises above the surface of the Grand Mosque with about two meters and 20 cent ...

UNESCO threatened to remove the city, "Zabid", the historic Yemeni town, from the List of World Heritage finally, if the Yemeni Government does not take practical and urgent action to lift the city from catastrophic conditions threaten the heritage and historical landmarks.
The Secretary-General of UNESCO in Yemen, Dr. Ahmed Ma'amari, said that the Office of Sana'a received a call from t ...

The Yemeni Ministry of Culture is organizing currently in Sana'a an exhibition for works of Yemeni photographer Abdul-Rahman al-Ghabri. 60 shots taken by al-Ghabri lens throughout last years are being exhibited.
The exhibition was opened amid welcome and official audience including the Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa, Yemeni Culture Minister Abdullah Owbel, the well-known Yemeni writer and ...

Egypt and Tunisia are unlikely to see tourism - a vital prop for their battered economies - revive anytime soon as holidaymakers continue to shun North African destinations a year after the "Arab Spring" revolutions.
Bookings to the two countries collapsed last year after popular uprisings across the Arab world toppled veteran rulers in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, and forced Yemen's presid ...

As hard winter approaches in this governorate, the quest for water starts in mountains and valleys of areas and villages of the governorate.
Shortage of water was not the only crisis in Raima Province, but it was the most dangerous on the citizens of this province, which has suffered and still suffering from many tragedies foremost of them the basic services. Lack of water, blackouts and bumpy roa ...

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