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Hashem Altoromah -Munir Alhemyari
A western envoy praised the political transition in Yemen saying " the political transition is going on in the right path and Yemen's transition is unique among the other cases of similar processes".
In an exclusive interview with Yemen Fox website , His Excellency , the Turkish Ambassador Fazli Corman noted that the September events in Sana'a, actually ...

Frankly speaking to Yemen fox, Abdulghani Khalil Abu Ahmad ( Abu Khaldoon , the political office member in the Democratic front for Palestine's Liberation) has confirmed the front's fundamental stances regarding the adherence to the Palestinian national principles and the front refusal for the round of the negotiations with Israel, referring to many issues of the Palestinian people and other Arabi ...

Yemen Fox interviews Iranian envoy to Yemen Mahnoud Hassan Zadeh. Here is the full text of the interview:
Yemeni political parties, CSOs, government, president and tribe, regional states and international community accuse Iran of negatively interfere in Yemeni affairs by supporting Houthi rebellion in Sa'ada?I have not heard such an accusation by president against Iran, or even by head of the Nati ...

A Western diplomat stressed the need for the transitional stage to be completed and for political solutions to be reached within the time frame set out by the GCC initiative, which resulted in peaceful power transfer.
The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Sana'a stated on Tuesday that there were no efforts from the international side to extend the transitional period, and that every ...

To G10 ambassadors: listen to Sa'ada people not only Houthis
Houthi project exported by Iran
Sheikh Sagheer Hamud Bin Aziz, an MP and a prominent sheikh in Sa'ada province, said that the issue of Sa'ada is a national one and not just concerning the Houthi group.
Bin Aziz told Yemen Fox that the Technical Committee for the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) committed a gross mistake when it recogni ...

Iran's role in South causes a lot of concerns, its activity unacceptable
Intl. community will do everything it can to support successful dialogue
Baidh must not interfere in dialogue process negatively
The British Ambassador to Yemen, Nicolas Hopton expressed admiration of the start of the National Dialogue Conference, which he said was so well prepared.
"If the participants hopefully continu ...

Saleh's loyalists, sectarian groups, parties seek distorting my career
Current situations in Yemen necessitate my stay in position
General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, commander of the Northwestern Military Region said that the National Dialogue Conference is the most important and decisive stage by which the features of Yemen's future would be formed after we underwent critical turning points and difficu ...

Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, secretary general of Yemen's National Dialogue Conference, has called on all political forces to take advantage of the dialogue, slated to begin March 18th.
Describing the meeting as an historic opportunity to lead Yemen out of its current crisis, he urged the international community to continue its support to ensure dialogue outcomes are put into place.
Bin Mubarak, who al ...

Yemen Fox interviewed the Turkish Ambassador to Sana'a, Fazli Çorman, who gave elaborated details about arms shipments detected in Yemen and spoke highly of bilateral ties between Yemen and Turkey.
What is the Turkish role in supporting Yemen?
We all know that Turkey and Yemen have had strong relations for centuries. There are deep cultural affinities, ties of brotherhood, as well as a firm ...

Yemeni Nobel peace laureate Tawakkul Karman warned in an interview with AFP that her country's transition process is on the brink of collapse and demanded ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh be banned from politics.
The activist, who was a leading figure during the youth uprising in Yemen in 2011, also claimed that President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi is unable to implement his plans to reshape Yemen's secu ...

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The political editor

A hostage rescue fails

March into middle ages

Dismal Lessons From Libya and Yemen

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Questions mount over failed US hostage raid in Yemen

Iraq: Ten Years After Invasion – Analysis

Yemen's Tawakul Karman confident that change is unfolding

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Yemen: Technical barriers hinder country's tendency towards Arab Economic Integration

South Korea takes 40% stake in UAE oilfields

China signs $6 billion loan to Venezuela

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Arab in Persian Media

IRAN Mullahs expose their fear of PMOI by attributing lies to the dead

Ahwazi workers protest in front of Water Department over unpaid salaries

For 3rd month Iraqi forces block gasoline entry into Camp Liberty

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