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In August of 2012, few jobs could have appeared as thankless and difficult as that as the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy to Yemen. The enormous challenges
faced by the poorest state on the Arabian Peninsula—political, economic, social, environmental—must have made helping search for some kind of solution seem
an impossible task.
Nonetheless, Moroccan-born diplomat Jamal Benomar, pr ...

The head of Arabian Peninsula Center for Studies and Researches, Anwar
Qasim al-Khothari affirmed that NDC contains only components have been and still a part of the Yemeni crises ,while real patriotic powers are excluded , a matter which lead to the absences of appropriate solutions alternatives.
Al-Khothari advised not to give Jamal Benomar's document more than its size ,and not to think it is t ...

Dr. Abdul Baqi Shamsan - Professor of Sociology at Sana'a University, expressed fears that the state intends to engage with a new conflict with Houthis and open a front with at the moment , a matter in which the state would not be able to protect the capital city of Sana'a .
Shamsan thinks that accomplishing the National Dialogue Conference is the first step for the state to control the country an ...

Sana’a: Yemenis will vividly remember Lakhdar Brahimi and Jamal Bin Omar as two to UN envoys who were sent Yemen when it was teetering on the brink of division.
Brahimi, who is now a UN peace envoy to Syria, came to Yemen in 1994 when a civil war was ranging between north and south. Shortly after his arrival, the northern, backed by some defected southerners, stormed Aden, the then capital o ...

Interviewed by Ibrahim Mugahd
Advisor to the President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi for strategic and scientific research, Dr. Fars al-Saqqaf stressed on the need of accomplishing the
ongoing National Dialogue Conference (NDC) on time, because its length without settling the outstanding issues may cause catastrophe for the country.
Accomplishing the NDC is also confirmed by Security Council, especially ...

Frankly speaking to Yemen fox, Abdulghani Khalil Abu Ahmad ( Abu Khaldoon , the political office member in the Democratic front for Palestine's Liberation) has confirmed the front's fundamental stances regarding the adherence to the Palestinian national principles and the front refusal for the round of the negotiations with Israel, referring to many issues of the Palestinian people and other Arabi ...

Yemen Fox interviews Iranian envoy to Yemen Mahnoud Hassan Zadeh. Here is the full text of the interview:
Yemeni political parties, CSOs, government, president and tribe, regional states and international community accuse Iran of negatively interfere in Yemeni affairs by supporting Houthi rebellion in Sa'ada?I have not heard such an accusation by president against Iran, or even by head of the Nati ...

A Western diplomat stressed the need for the transitional stage to be completed and for political solutions to be reached within the time frame set out by the GCC initiative, which resulted in peaceful power transfer.
The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Sana'a stated on Tuesday that there were no efforts from the international side to extend the transitional period, and that every ...

To G10 ambassadors: listen to Sa'ada people not only Houthis
Houthi project exported by Iran
Sheikh Sagheer Hamud Bin Aziz, an MP and a prominent sheikh in Sa'ada province, said that the issue of Sa'ada is a national one and not just concerning the Houthi group.
Bin Aziz told Yemen Fox that the Technical Committee for the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) committed a gross mistake when it recogni ...

Iran's role in South causes a lot of concerns, its activity unacceptable
Intl. community will do everything it can to support successful dialogue
Baidh must not interfere in dialogue process negatively
The British Ambassador to Yemen, Nicolas Hopton expressed admiration of the start of the National Dialogue Conference, which he said was so well prepared.
"If the participants hopefully continu ...

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