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GCC Secretary-General said there is constant and well organised police coordination between the GCC countries to confront the terrorist threat.
Arab Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary-General Dr Abdul-Latif Al Zayani said the foreign ministers of GCC countries are currently reviewing the final
report of a joint technical committee to put the ‘Riyadh Agreement’ into action, which is ded ...

Qatar, a key backer of Palestinian group Hamas, hailed the Gaza ceasefire accord and offered to help rebuild the enclave battered by seven weeks of Israeli bombardment.
The accord for a long-term ceasefire which came into effect on Tuesday was thanks "firstly to the resistance and the sacrifices" of the Palestinians, the
gas-rich Gulf emirate said in a statement.
It said Qatar, which is ...

The Syrian government and ISIL insurgents are both committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in their war against each other, U.N. investigators said on Wednesday.
Government forces have dropped barrel bombs on civilian areas, including some believed to contain the chemical agent chlorine in eight incidents in April, and have committed other war crimes that should be prosecuted, they said ...

People in the besieged Gaza Strip experience calm as a truce in the blockaded enclave takes effect.
Reports on Wednesday said that calm prevailed in the Gaza Strip after 50 days of deadly violence in the blockaded sliver.
An Egyptian-brokered truce between Israel and Palestinians took effect in the war-torn sliver at 19:00 local time (1600 GMT) on Tuesday.
Since the truce came into force, Israel h ...

Iraqi fighter jets have targeted several hideouts of ISIL terrorists besieging Shia Turkmen town of Amerli, security sources say.
Iraqi security officials said on Wednesday that the warplanes carried out nine airstrikes against the militants surrounding the volatile town in the northern Salahuddin Province.
The residents of this small Shia Turkmen community about 180 km (110 miles) north of Baghda ...

A Saudi court has jailed 17 men for up to 33 years on a range of militant charges, including fighting in foreign conflicts and joining terrorist cells
inside the kingdom, state news agency SPA reported on Monday.
Riyadh's concerns about militants have grown more acute over the past two years as the conflicts in Syria and Iraq have attracted more of its own citizens
to travel to those countries.
Ki ...

Qatar is working to help free four Americans held hostage in Syria by various armed groups, a Gulf source familiar with the matter said on Monday, a day
after the Gulf Arab state's diplomacy helped free a journalist held since 2012.
The source declined to name the four or provide details, and Reuters could not independently verify the assertion, but his account was broadly supported by other sourc ...

Two US officials say United Arab Emirates carried out air raids against militias using bases in Egypt.
The United Arab Emirates has secretly carried out air strikes against militias in Libya using bases in Egypt, according to US officials.
The United States did not take part or provide any assistance in the bombing raids, two US officials said on Monday.
"The UAE carried out those strikes,&qu ...

A car bomb has gone off in a crowded area in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, killing at least 10 people.
Iraqi security officials said the bomb attack took place during the morning rush hour on Tuesday in the Baghdad Jadida area in the east of the city.
More than 30 people were also wounded in the blast.
The explosion came a day after attacks in Shia areas in several cities, including Baghdad, kill ...

Tel Aviv has deployed more soldiers and tanks near the Gaza Strip border as the Israeli army is preparing for a fresh ground incursion into the besieged
Palestinian enclave.
Israeli military amassed more regular troops and mobilized a number of reservist soldiers near Gaza on Tuesday.
The deployment of more troops and tanks near the Gaza comes as Israeli fighter jets continue to target the besieg ...

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