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Safi al-Kassasbeh says Jordan's execution of two al-Qaeda-linked prisoners is not sufficient to avenge his son's death.
The father of a Jordanian fighter pilot who was burned alive by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group has demanded from Jordan a harsh and swift revenge for his son's murder.
Speaking to Al Jazeera on Wednesday, Safi al-Kassasbeh said that the execution of two al- ...

Amman has executed two prisoners, including the Al-Qaeda would-be suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi, after promising a lethal response to the brutal murder of a Jordanian pilot who had been captured by the Islamic State.
Government spokesman Mohammed al-Momani identified the second prisoner as Ziad al-Karbouli, AP reported, adding that both executions took place early on Wednesday.
The executions w ...

Gunmen have stormed the al-Mabrook oilfield in central Libya, oil and military officials said on Wednesday, the latest oil facility hit by violence in the North African country.
A French diplomatic source in Paris said four local employees were believed to have been killed in the raid on the remote al-Mabrook oilfield south of Sirte on Tuesday night.
The French diplomatic source said no French cit ...

An Egyptian court has set Feb. 17 for the first hearing of a lawsuit calling for Palestinian resistance movement Hamas to be officially designated a "terrorist organization" in Egypt.
On Tuesday, Alexandria's Court of Urgent Matters accepted the lawsuit – filed by lawyer Tarek Mahmoud – one week after the same lawsuit was rejected by Cairo's Court for Urgent Matters.
"Ha ...

A mainstream Syrian rebel group said Monday they were seeking to swap an Iranian taken captive in the southwestern province of Deraa last month for women held in Syrian government jails.
Iran, a Shiite ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, has sent mainly military experts to help him in his almost four-year-long battle with mostly Sunni rebels.
Last month several insurgent groups including the Sh ...

The head of a U.N. inquiry into the 50-day war in Gaza last year has resigned after Israel accused him of a "conflict of interest", the United Nations said Tuesday.
Canadian international law expert William Schabas sent a resignation letter to the head of the UN Human Rights Council on Monday after Israel accused him of having a "conflict of interest," said council spokesman Ro ...

An Iraqi father was reportedly gunned down by fighters belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) after he slayed seven of the Islamist militants for executing his son, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.
Wielding an AK-47, Basil Ramadan gunned down the group of militants at a checkpoint in ISIS-controlled Tikrit before he was gunned down himself, according to local media.
His act of ...

An Egyptian court on Monday confirmed death sentences for 183 supporters of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood on charges of killing police officers, as authorities continued a crackdown on opponents, AFP and Reuters news agencies reported.
The men were convicted of playing a role in the killings of policemen in the town of Kardasa in August 2013, during the upheaval that followed the army's toppling ...

Syrian government airstrikes in an opposition-held town in the southern province of Daraa Monday killed at least 12 civilians and wounded two dozen more, an activist group said.
"Twelve civilians were killed and at least 25 others were wounded in four regime air strikes on several areas of the town of Jassem in Daraa province," said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The st ...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused United Nations peacekeepers on Sunday of failing to enforce a resolution barring Hezbollah guerrillas from smuggling weapons into Lebanon.
In a phone call with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Netanyahu blamed Iran, Hezbollah's main sponsor, for Wednesday’s flare-up that killed two Israeli soldiers and a Spanish peacekeeper in the worst fi ...

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