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A blast on a bus in a central district of the Syrian capital killed at least six people and wounded 10 on Sunday, an activist group says.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it was not immediately clear what had caused the blast in the Souq al-Hamadiyeh neighbourhood of Damascus.
The blast was also reported by state television, which reported an unspecified number of deaths and at least 1 ...

Two Americans who came under fire in Saudi Arabia this weekend are employees of a U.S. defence contractor, the firm said on Sunday, confirming the second attack in recent months against Vinnell Arabia.
“We can confirm that two Vinnell Arabia employees were involved in an incident on Friday, in which they were shot at by assailants in the al-Ahsa province of Saudi Arabia,” the company s ...

The anti-ISIS coalition carried out 27 airstrikes against 76 Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) targets on Saturday, an official with the coalition said.
The targets included a factory where militants reportedly made car bombs in Tal Afar in addition to “large ISIL units near Kirkuk,” Deputy Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS Brett McGurk said in a ...

The Badr fraction at Iraq's parliament said dismissal of Prince Bandar bin Sultan from his post as the head of Saudi Arabia's National Security Council will expedite annihilation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group.
"The Saudi king's decision to dismiss the secretary-general of the Saudi National Security Council will speed up the destruction of the ISIL in Iraq ...

An Egyptian court on Saturday banned the armed wing of the Palestinian group Hamas and listed it as a terrorist organization.
The ruling came days after the country faced some of the bloodiest attacks on security forces in years.
Hamas is an offshoot of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood which the authorities have also declared a terrorist group and have repressed systematically since the army ousted one ...

A chemical weapons expert of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was killed in a coalition airstrike last week near Mosul, Iraq, the U.S. Central Command said in a statement on Friday.
The air raid took out Abu Malik, whose training "provided the terrorist group with expertise to pursue a chemical weapons capability," the military said in a statement.
The statement said Abu Malik ...

At least 22 shells fired from Israel hit open farmland in southern Lebanon close to the frontier, a Lebanese security source in the area said on Wednesday.
The shells struck near Wazzani village and were fired in quick succession.
Earlier in the day an anti-tank missile was fired at an Israeli military vehicle near the frontier with Lebanon, an Israeli army spokesman said.
The attacks took place a ...

Spanish UN peacekeeper killed in Israeli shelling launched in response to southern Lebanon attack on its forces.
Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for an anti-tank missile fired at an Israeli military vehicle in Shebaa farms on the border with Syria and Lebanon.
Reports of Israeli casualties were conflicting, with Israeli media reports saying four soldiers were wounded as a result of the attack ...

Jordan’s government spokesperson said on Wednesday his country was willing to hand over an Iraqi would-be-suicide bomber if a Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS was released.
“Jordan is ready to release prisoner Sajida al-Rishawi if the Jordanian pilot Lieutenant [Maaz] al-Kasaesbeh was released and his life spared,” Mohammad al-Momani, a governemnt spokesperson, was quoted on stat ...

Officials say at least 8 killed in attack on hotel, a hub of government and diplomatic activity in capital Tripoli.
Gunmen have stormed a luxury hotel in Libya's capital, killing at least three guards and five foreigners, officials said.
The attack, which included a car bombing, struck the Corinthia Hotel, which sits along the Mediterranean Sea.
Mahmoud Hamza, commander of the so-called Special De ...

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