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Yemen’s Houthi rebels seized control of cabinet headquarters in Sana’a as clashes showed no sign of letting up even after the United Nations envoy said he brokered an agreement to end the crisis.
Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwah resigned today, Al Jazeera said, without saying where it got the information. Houthis captured the cabinet building and a military camp guarding the sta ...

The Yemeni government and armed Shia Houthi rebels reached an agreement on Saturday to end the worst violence for years in the capital Sanaa, UN special envoy Jamal Benomar said.
The fighting, which intensified on Thursday after weeks of protests and clashes, appeared to be the biggest challenge yet to a UN-backed transition to democracy launched after veteran ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh was forced t ...

Yemeni security officials and witnesses said that four civilians have been killed in a third day of fighting between Shi'ite Houthi rebels and Sunni militiamen backing troops in the capital Sanaa.
Officials said the battle Saturday pitted the Shi'ite Houthi rebels against militias and army units.
Medical source said that a mortar shells hit civilian homes and a hospital in Asiteen Street.
The sour ...

Yemen's state-run television building caught fire after a three-day mortar attack by the Shi'ite Houthi rebels who are protesting against the government, residents and a TV employee said on Saturday.
After weeks of protests and clashes, the conflict intensified on Thursday when the Shi'ite Houthi rebels clashed with the army on the outskirts of Sanaa.
The fighting expanded mainly between the Houth ...

Yemen, home to of one of the most dangerous branches of al-Qaeda, is now facing other troubles in its capital city, Sana'a.
On Friday, a powerful Shiite rebel group shelled Yemen's state-run television building as its fighters advanced into Sana'a, challenging government forces. Tweets posted from Yemen detailed 24 hours of gunfire, shelling, sonic booms and disruptions to Internet and phone servi ...

Yemeni Shiite rebels were said to be close to agreeing Friday to sign a deal to end deadly fighting north of the capital with Sunni fighters of the Islamist Al-Islah party.
Here is a backgrounder on political-military groups in Yemen:
- Ansarullah
Also known as Zaidis and Huthis after their leader Abdelmalek Badreddin al-Huthi, the Shiite rebels have been at war with the government since 2004.
The ...

“God is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Damn the Jews, Victory to Islam.” The slogan of Yemen’s Houthi rebels is short and to the point. President Obama has cited America’s efforts in Yemen as an example to follow in tackling the threat of ISIS, but the Houthi this week have pushed into Yemen’s capital Sanaa. As Al Jazeera English reports:
“Hundreds an ...

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Friday expressed its deep shock following disturbing reports of an ongoing bombardment by militants from the Houthi group on the offices of Yemen state TV station Al Yemen.
The IFJ in a statement demanded an immediate halt to the attack and called for those responsible to be held to account.
"We strongly condemn this appalling attack on Yemen' ...

By/ Armin Rosen
Over 120 people were reportedly killed during fighting in a Middle Eastern capital on Friday, but it wasn't Baghdad or Damascus. With a Shi'ite rebel movement marching on Sa'ana, Yemen now seems like it's primed to be the next country in the region to stare down the prospect of violent collapse.
Yemen has always been one of the region's most problematic states. Home to over 25 mill ...

The Embassy informs the public that ongoing clashes are now affecting the area around 60 Meter Road after Madbah Junction near Eman University. Due to the continuing civil disorder and the escalating threat of violence, the Embassy advises all U.S. citizens to exercise great caution, avoid travel along 60 Meter Road beyond Madbah Junction, and use Movenpick Road to travel to the airport.
The U.S. ...

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