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The Shi'ite Houthi militants stormed Wednesday the headquarters of the Interior Ministry in capital Sanaa and expelled employees from their offices.
Anadolu Agency quoted a security source as saying "The Houthi militants arrived in two cars to the ministry's premises on Airport Street in northern Sanaa and stormed it," .
"The Houthis broke into several offices, including that of Min ...

Pro-government protesters have taken to the streets of Sana’a in a drive to push Houthi rebels to withdraw from the capital.
The demonstrators began taking to the streets late on Tuesday, after the Houthi rebels missed yet another deadline to leave Sana’a, Al Jazeera reported.
However, there has been no sign as yet that the protests have managed to influence tough negotiations over the ...

Yemeni authorities agreed to the release of 64 Egyptian fishermen on Tuesday morning, who had been detained after they had crossed into Yemeni waters illegally, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.
Negotiations are still ongoing in the Yemeni seaside city of Hodeida, concerning administrative fines and the impounding of three vessels, seized when the fishermen entered into ...

Yemen’s insurgent Houthi movement is pushing for a larger role in the drafting of the country’s new constitution, sources told Asharq Al-Awsat on Tuesday.
The movement, currently in control of large parts of northern and western Yemen, is putting pressure on the central government in Sana’a in a bid to assume greater powers in the finalization of the constitution that is supposed ...

At least 68 Houthi fighters were killed in the latest fighting erupted between Houthis and tribesmen in the central province of Bayda.
Meanwhile protesters came to streets calling on the Houthi fighters to leave Yemen's capital after a deadline to form a new government passed on Tuesday without an agreement.
Sporadic clashes erupted between the Houthis and tribesmen in Radaa after the Houthis kill ...

A coalition of 13 Yemeni opposition parties insists that the recommendations – which came out of a national dialogue conference held earlier this year – be implemented.
Differences between Yemen's political forces over cabinet representation are delaying the formation of a new government, a local political source said Wednesday.
According to the source, the dispute emerged over the ref ...

On Monday, a Yemeni human rights organisation accused gunmen affiliated with the Houthi group, of committing "52 violations against local and international media outlets" during their first month of control of Sana'a.
The Institution for Freedom, Rights and Media Development issued a statement that said, "Our organisation has found that there were 52 cases of assault and violations ...

by Robert Sharp and Murad Alazzany
The Houthis and Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) fighters have engaged in open street battles in Yemen. The death toll rises every day. The Houthis, like Hezbollah, their Iranian proxy in Lebanon, control territory. They have recently achieved unexpected victories. They seized Sana’a, the capital, the province of Dhamar – a city 100 km south o ...

In the pan-Arab daily Asharq Al Awsat, Tariq Al Humaid claimed that Iran has plainly expressed its support for the Houthis: “Clearly and unequivocally, Ali Akbar Velayati, adviser to the Iranian Supreme Leader, has confirmed Iran’s support for the Houthis, praising what he described as a unique transformation in the history of Yemen, considering that ‘ the successive victories of ...

By Jon B. Alterman
Amidst the Middle East headlines of recent months is a quiet but steady drumbeat of trouble out of Yemen. The country, by many accounts the poorest in the Arab world, attracts little attention next to struggles in Syria, Iraq, Libya and beyond. These other conflicts provide more compelling pictures and more gripping stories, and Yemen appears to many to be dusty and remote.
Yeme ...

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