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By Hugh Naylor -WP
BEIRUT — Two weeks into a Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen, airstrikes appear to have accelerated the country’s fragmentation into warring tribes and militias while doing little to accomplish the goal of returning the ousted Yemeni president to power, analysts and residents say.
The Yemeni insurgents, known as Houthis, have pushed ahead with their offensive and s ...

The conflict in Yemen is quickly devolving into a wider regional conflagration, pitting Shiite Iran and an allied militant group against Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab states that came together to launch airstrikes on those militants.
The coordinated Arab attacks led by Saudi Arabia began early Thursday morning and targeted the Shiite-linked Houthi militant group in Yemen. They followed wee ...

The Shiite insurgents who have toppled Yemen's government are threatening to take over a key oil-producing province to the east of the capital, triggering fears that the country could explode in all-out civil war.
The rebels, known as Houthis, have already seized much of the country's north with relative ease. But they are likely to encounter stiff resistance if t ...

The conversation
By Jon Moran
On January 31, Harith al-Nadhari, a senior al-Qaeda figure who praised the Charlie Hebdo attackers was been killed by a US drone strike. This is the first drone strike in Yemen for a number of weeks, and it comes as the country’s government has just fallen after facing attack by Houthi insurgents.
The timing of the strike shows just how much tension there is bet ...

Mehdi Khalaji,
The Houthi coup and other recent developments in Yemen have raised many questions about the country's religious fabric, especially the relationship between its large Zaidi community and Twelver Shia Islam, the main religion of Iran.
The complex links connecting the two religious traditions have significant implications for the Houthis' internal politics, as well as their relations w ...

Abu Raad strutted through the streets of the Yemeni capital as if he owned them. His obvious glee, at a time of crisis in the country, bordered on naïveté. But he had his reasons to be happy.
Growing up as a Houthi in the northern province of Saada, he experienced years of war and brutality while fighting for the rights of his Zaydi sect, an offshoot of Shiite Isl ...

World Bulletin
The U.S. hinted Tuesday that it is in contact with Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebels.
“U.S. government officials are in communication with various parties in Yemen,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters.
“The Houthis, as participants in these events will certainly have reason to want to speak to international partners and the international community ...

The Pentagon said there is no formal intelligence-sharing agreement with the Iranian-backed Houthis who have taken over the Yemeni capital of Sanaa and forced the resignation of U.S.-backed Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, threatening U.S. counter-terrorism efforts there.
However, Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby said U.S. counter-terrorism efforts continue, acknowledging &ldqu ...

By Gopal Ratnam, Seán D. Naylor
The United States is continuing airstrikes against al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen while facing questions about how to carry on such operations without a trusted partner on the ground following the collapse of the country’s fragile, pro-Western government.
The U.S. strategy until now has been centered on CIA drone strikes on al Qaeda targets and ground ...

The turmoil hitting Saudi Arabia's neighbour Yemen will pose the first big test for King Salman, and provide a glimpse as to whether his approach to hotspots in a fragmenting region will differ from that of his late brother.
Yemen is at risk of breaking up with the ascent of the Houthi movement, a group whose main strategic alliance is with Riyadh's great regional foe Iran, in a country al ...

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