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US counterinsurgency programs and drone strikes targeting militants in Iraq and Afghanistan have been unsuccessful, shows a leaked CIA report.
The report shows that the “targeted killings” have had “limited results” and that they bolster the support of the extremists groups.
The 18-page document, dated July 7, 2009, was posted by WikiLeaks on Thursday. It was made under for ...

It will take at least three years for the U.S.-led coalition to reach a turning point against ISIL members in Iraq and Syria, the general in charge of the combined task force said Thursday.
Lt. Gen. James Terry, the commander of the Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, stressed patience when he made the estimate, saying that there has already been “significant progre ...

President Tayyip Erdogan's tightening grip on power is likely to meet little more than symbolic resistance from the West next year, as Turkey's G20 presidency and the fight against Islamic State trump concerns about a slide towards authoritarianism.
Critics at home and abroad see Erdogan as an increasingly unpredictable leader, bent on a more powerful presidency and revenge on his political enemie ...

UNGA also urges Security Council to consider sanctions against Pyongyang over alleged crimes against humanity.
The UN General Assembly has called for North Korea to be referred to the International Criminal Court over alleged crimes against humanity, in a landmark resolution adopted by a strong majority.
The non-binding measure was approved on Thursday by a vote of 116 to 20 with 53 abstentions.
T ...

The German cabinet on Wednesday agreed to send around 100 German troops to northern Iraq to train Kurdish peshmerga forces fighting ISIL militants.
In the last few months France, Britain, Germany and others have begun arming the Kurds, whose Soviet-era weaponry has proved ineffective against insurgents flush with hardware plundered from the Iraqi army.
Germany, which has for decades been cautious ...

Lower EU court throws out Hamas blacklisting on technical grounds, saying ruling does not relate to nature of the group.
The European Union's lower court has annulled the bloc's decision to keep Hamas on a list of terrorist organisations, but maintained the measures against the group for a period of three months or until appeals against the decision were closed.
It stressed that Wednesday's decisi ...

Amir Hekmati on hunger strike to protest against 10-year jail sentence and calls on President Obama not to forget him.
Amir Hekmati, a former US marine imprisoned in Iran, has started a hunger strike, his family said, after sending a letter to US President Barack Obama asking not to forget him.
Hekmati told his family about the hunger strike on Tuesday after dictating his letter over the phone to ...

The Islamic Revolution of Iran needs to become a shining example for the other world nations, the IRGC commander stressed.
“Today, the eyes are riveted on the Islamic Republic and Iran’s Islamic Revolution,” Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said in an address to a gathering of IRGC commanders in Tehran on Tuesday.
He said the Isla ...

Washington looks to leverage some Holy See klout in South America as it tries to find homes for detainees.
US Secretary of State John Kerry wants some help from Rome in convincing heavily Catholic countries in Latin America to resettle detainees from Guantanamo Bay.
Kerry met with his Vatican counterpart Cardinal Pietro Parolin in Rome, and the Holy See's Press Office says the US asked for "a ...

At least eight people have been killed in a US assassination drone strike in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nuristan along the Pakistani border.
Security officials said on Tuesday that the attack was launched by pilotless aircraft firing missiles at a target in the Wanat Waygel district in Nuristan Province.
According to local officials, the victims were Taliban militants.
The US-led forc ...

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