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US woman who admitted beating her two-year-old daughter and gluing her hands to a wall because of potty training problems has been sentenced to 99 years in jail.
Elizabeth Escalona had pleaded guilty in July to causing injury to her toddler Jocelyn Cedillo.
Prosecutors had sought 45 years behind bars - but the state district judge chose to impose an even stiffer sentence.
"Only a monster glue ...

AP- Americans Robert Lefkowitz, of Duke University, and Brian Kobilka won the 2012 Nobel Prize in chemistry Wednesday for studies of proteins that let body cells respond to signals from the outside.
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said the two researchers had made groundbreaking discoveries on an important family of receptors, known as G-protein-coupled receptors.
About half of all medicatio ...

This is the training challenge put forward by the Civilian Youth Voices Program in a collaboration with the Global Change Makers and HandsTeam, and with patronage from the British Council.
Mohammed Abdulsalam Homaid, Civil Youth Voices Project Manager, explained that the course targeted people with ideas who, however, lacked the tools or technical capacity to convey their ideas into a form that co ...

Corruption in Yemen is a serious issue and deep and long-term problem. It increasingly became one of the major challenges that stand blocking stone to the process of economic and social development and investment environment. It is merely a chronic problem; a phenomenon that has been found long time ago and still threatens the development in Yemen at all levels politically, economically, administr ...

All praise belongs to Allah the Most High, who created both life and death as a test to see who is foremost in deed. Through His infinite mercy He blessed mankind with selected times and seasons in which the best deeds are made obligatory and the reward for good deeds is multiplied.
Allah, the Most Wise, prescribed the third pillar of Islam, fasting, in the second year after the hijrah of the fina ...

After change, which the country has experienced, would Yemen be like Cyprus in being free of Thalassemia and Hemolysis, the latter could liberated the Cypriot society on 1991 from this scary disease. The youngest citizen aged 30 at the age of prevention of marriage without checkup. This ogre, which does not have mercy, in the same year of issuance of law was unable to produce any affected case.
Ph ...

The walls of the busy streets of Yemen’s capital of Sana’a bear bullet holes and battle wounds from last year’s uprising against President Ali Abdullah Saleh who finally stepped down from power in February.
Murad Subay, an artist from Sana’a wants to put animosity aside, and erase the graffiti from those walls which have been defaced with confrontational messages from Saleh ...

Yemeni voters have gone to the polls to elect a new president to replace Ali Abdullah Saleh. The only candidate in the election, which comes after a year of anti-government protests, is Vice-President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.
Press in the Middle East and Gulf region have praised the poll, remarking that most of Yemen's interest groups have rallied behind Mr Hadi as a consensus candidate who might u ...

An anti-government protester raises her hands, painted with the colours of the Yemen and Libyan national flags, during a sit-in calling for Saleh to be taken to the International Criminal Tribunal, in Sanaa November 2, 201
Reuters-By nightfall, thousands of anti-government protesters in a scrappy tent city in Yemen's capital Sanaa catch their breath and begin to cheer musicians clambering onto a r ...

Whether Yemen resolves its leadership stalemate or plunges into civil war, the country has another growing problem on its hands - one that could rot the country from within. It all stems from qat - a naturally growing tropical plant that produces a stimulant that the country is addicted to. Yemen is a largely arid and rocky landscape on which more than 24 million people survive. And it is running ...

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