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The leadership of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Yemen (GFTUY) declared on Wednesday that it decided not to celebrate the International Worker
Day on April 1ist with the Government because of the later violations for workers demands and violation exerted by Financial and information Ministries.
This came in a letter dispatched by GFTUY leadership to the Minister of Social Affairs and La ...

Three Yemeni soldiers were killed in clashes between security crackdown and tribal militants in al-Haima area western the capital city of Sanaa
Tribal source said that tribal militants hijacked two oil tankers because of, oil derivatives lacking crisis, and a tribal mediation intervened to release the tanker, after they had insisted to pay the price of the oil cargo.
The source added that when tri ...

The Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) approved in its meeting on Wednesday the formation of three groups to start the initial drafting of the Constitution.
Each of the three groups will be tasked with reviewing and drafting the same topic and then presenting it to the general meeting of the CDC for discussion and initial approval.
The three groups will start their work as of tomorrow, Thursday ...

The Japanese Embassy and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)on Wednesday distributed more than 200,000 clothes to about 63,000 internally displaced persons in districts of Hajjah , Amran, Aden and Sana’a provinces .
In the distribution ceremony, the Japanese Ambassador to Yemen Katsuyoshi Hayashi said that these garments are a symbol of friendship between the Yemeni and Japanese pe ...

The frequent attacks against oil pipelines in Hadhramout have led to export decrease estimated at 800 thousands barrel in February comparing to around two
millions this April.
A formal report issued by the Yemeni Central Bank indicates that the deterioration in oil export caused Yemen USD 89 million from its oil revenues with estimated decrease amounted to USD 120 million than the month before.
Th ...

The Cuban Embassy in Sana'a celebrated Monday the Bay of Pigs 53th anniversary.
At the ceremony which was attended by several representative of diplomatic corps in Yemen as well as members of The Yemeni-Cuban Friendship Association.
The Cuban Ambassador to Sana'a Mr. Paulovic Escalona delivered a speech in which he said "Bay of Pigs Invasion, 1961, is an unsuccessful invasion of Cuba
by Cuban ...

Yemen's external debt slightly stepped up to $7.237 billion in February 2014, up nearly $4 million from January, the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) reported on Monday.
The figures of the CBY's report showed that the International Finance Corporation's institutions topped Yemen creditors with around $3.563 billion, including over $2 billion from the International Development Foundation and $710 millio ...

Yemeni Foreign Minister Dr. Abu Bakr Abdullah Al-Qirbi met here Moday with Japanese Ambassador to Yemen Katsuyoshi Hayashi.
During the meeting, they discussed means of enhancing bilateral relations in various fields. They also discussed the ongoing preparations for the seventh
meeting of the Group of Friends of Yemen to be held in London on April 29th. ...

A Yemeni intelligence officer was shot dead and another badly injured as unidentified gunmen attacked them downtown the capital city of Sana'a.
Eyewitnesses confirmed that the gunmen intercepted the two officer Ahmed al-Najdi and Muhammad Herij at al-Amari roundabout and opened fire on them ,
noting that the perpetrators fled the scene . The former was dead on the spot while Brigadier Mohammed Her ...

A Yemeni soldier was killed and others wounded on Monday, in armed clashes erupted with gunmen in al-Dees in Mukalla in Hadramout province southern Yemen.
Local source said that the military army clashed with militants suspected to be al-Qaeda which claimed a soldier' live and wounded others from military personnel
Hundreds of al-Dees residents staged a protest, demanding the release of youth call ...

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