by Fouad Zubairy
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by Fouad Zubairy
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70 civilians were killed in Yemen since Saleh return
Writes/ by Fouad Zubairy
Published Since: 3 Years and Month and 26 Days
Wednesday 28 September 2011 10:38 pm

Yemeni security forces have killed at least 70 pro-democracy protesters and injured more than 100 others, after Ali Abdullah Saleh returned from Saudi Arabia . “Iran Times" said .

Regime forces that intensified violence against protesters, killing at least 173 people in the past week, again escalated their brutal crackdown after Saleh's return, AFP reported. 

Clashes between forces loyal to Saleh and protesters as well as dissident soldiers erupted in a number of neighborhoods across the capital of Sanaa on Saturday . 

With the House of Saud’s backing, Saleh returned to Yemen on Friday after spending more than three months in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment following a rocket attack on the presidential palace in June 3. 
A military commander of the revolutionary forces says Saleh has returned to start a civil war in the country . 
Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis have held regular anti-regime protests in major cities across the country since January to demand an end to Saleh's three decades of rule .
Protesters have also been demanding an end to poverty and widespread corruption as well as Saudi and the US meddling in the country affaires .

Hundreds of anti-regime protesters have been killed and many more injured since January, by riot police or Saleh's supporters . 

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