by Fouad Zubairy
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by Fouad Zubairy
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Arab countries demand that Iran stop media campaign
Writes/ by Fouad Zubairy
Published Since: 3 Years and Month
Thursday 22 September 2011 01:15 am

Arab Nations demanded Iran to halt what it described as Iranian media campaigns against some of the Arab Gulf States.
The Iranian news agency said: The statement issued after a meeting of the Council of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo today, called on Iran to "stop the statements and information campaigns for some of Gulf States, which do not serve improving relations between the two sides and achieve security and stability in the region"

the statement expressed "deep concern the continuing provocative statements to officials and the Iranian media about the number of countries of the Cooperation Council for Gulf Arab . The Iranian news agency added.."

"an abrogation of the rules of good neighborliness and the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Conference." In recent months the Iranian officials and media criticism of the military and police support provided by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to Bahrain, which was witnessing clashes between protesters and security forces. The Iranians also criticizes the Western military presence in a number of Gulf states The statement described it.

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Arab in Persian Medis
by Fouad Zubairy
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