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Taiz, Orphan City
Writes/ Zakaria Al-Kamali
Published Since: 3 Years and 4 Months and 11 Days
Tuesday 06 December 2011 02:24 am

How could one feel when they read on their Facebook condolences for the death of their mother, whom they do not know she has been martyred by tank shell got into her room?

Certainly, we would take it as a joke. This is what Hamza Shamiri thought. The computer freshman at Ottoman University in India did not believe that his mother fell victim of barbaric bombing suffered by Taiz.

The fatherless Hamza left his mother with a younger brother in their home located in Wady Alqadhi Neighborhood of Taiz to seek knowledge, not realizing that the regime has started missile delivery service to homes.
His mother bid him farewell a few months ago, and he came back home Saturday to bid farewell to her body.

In Taiz .. there are hundreds of people who receive such shocking news penetrating their hearts as the tank shells penetrate bedrooms, and many of them are now orphans, like Hamza.

Taiz is also an orphan.
What's going on in Taiz? A question might be addressed to anyone of its people, when asked to exactly describe the current situation in their city. What is happening in the city does not need any explanation or clarification. How do commentators explain the phrase "open murder"?

In Taiz, people are killed every day by shells and shrapnel, and others are waiting for death. In Taiz, security leaderships were appointed to humiliate the city, criminal elements found it easy to kill peaceful city population.

In Taiz, a new generation felt accumulated oppression, declared a popular uprising in the face of thugs who do not understand anything of civilization, and began to explode in various ways in the face of injustice and tyranny.

In Taiz, youths, children, infants, aged woman are killed; houses, mosques, hospitals, hotels are destroyed.

In Taiz, complete burners, authoritarian flames grilling souls, following policies of Nero.

In Taiz, the governor keeps silent for long just to order in the night "immediate cessation" since 9:00 AM, as if killing during Friday prayer is allowed and falls within the official working hours.

In Taiz, humanitarian disasters and violations are committed within sight of human rights organizations that do not go beyond issuing statements; crimes that do not touch the feelings of parties' leaders who are busy with dividing the booty; mass destruction that does not convince reporters and Arab satellite channels and news agencies to pay attention to and expose the real picture so that to ease injuries.

Taiz pays for it freedom and its resilience by itself. This city is truly tormented, but it does not know how to scream. It is an orphan, and orphans dying of hunger behind the doors of their homes. It is meant to live so broken-hearted.

All people in the country, Military Committee, Reconciliation Government, activists, jurists and foreign missions should not keep silent about ongoing harassment against Taiz population – they are required to visit a city being destructed by tanks poisoned on elevated sites. What are they waiting for?

If the fact that bodies are kept in "household refrigerators" does not arouse their feelings, when could their consciences awake from slumber and recognize that they have failed in their duty towards this city, from which fled those who survived killing?

Murderer gang in Taiz is aware that it is unable to market any justifications for bombing of the city, even if it uses the mightiest expertise of the regime, they will appear as obtuse as they were basically born.

They first shifted the blame onto armed men protecting the square, but we found bullets of their machine guns randomly penetrate grocery stores and bedrooms of citizens have nothing to do with the Revolution or politics.

They said: al-Qaeda and militias of the (First Armed) Division arrived at Taiz to attack the "camp" located in Althowra (revolutionary) Hospital. "Shamelessness", not only to cite Al-Qaeda as a spare enemy, but also to use the hospital as a camp.
It is said that subversive elements made from "Marib and Jawf," and were armed for acts of sabotage in Taiz.
What is happening in Taiz has nothing to do with "armed elements" or "imposing prestige of the state"; as armed elements are present in large numbers everywhere in all cities, and the state has no prestige in most provinces, some cities fell, but the Republican Guard did not move an armed vehicle in order to maintain "regime and perpetrators". All that because of being an orphan.

Taiz that was a thorn in the throat of Saleh's regime, is meant now, by the same regime to be a "thorn" in the face of any coming agreement.
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