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Oh! Ali, Taiz can never kneel down
Writes/ Sadiq Nasher
Published Since: 3 Years and 4 Months and 21 Days
Sunday 04 December 2011 11:38 pm

They are killing the spirit of Taiz.
Ten months passed after Taiz city has entered the battlefield of the Revolution. The Yemeni President and what remains in his family, with the help of some people in Taiz, want to kill the spirit of Taiz city, therefore this steadfast city is still paying the price of its courage.
Oh Ali, Taiz is not the city that can kneel down
Nor could it be subjugated
It’s the city that can only bow down for its Maker.

He is mistaken who ever thinks that humiliating Taiz city is humiliating the Revolution. For ten months, Taiz withstood against the tyrants and its ready to resist for years. Taiz in no longer the city on which the enemies bet to remain as in the past; a golden governorate in false elections. It’s no more and will never be just a sound and a complement to the “democratic decoration” as the ruler has always wanted it to be; it’s the Revolution itself.     

Taiz city is being bombarded daily
Paying a price of no like in all other places in Yemen since the beginning of the Revolution up to day.

Though Taiz is being destroyed and moaning, it’s still steadfast and proud.
It’s paying the price for its people rejected the nightmare injustice that lasted for 33 years.   
When two thousand revolutionists gathered on the 11th of last Feb., the first day of the Revolution and change desire in one of Taiz streets, many people did not believe that those youth who bore coldness and oppression would write a revolution’s history. But today, whole Taiz city with its youth, women, children, old people, clerks, and educated people are writing the history of the new Yemen. 

There is no other city suffered and still suffering such as Taiz city. Today this city is being bombarded day and night with no any respect from the forces even to the mosques. 
I have never seen any state allows its soldiers to bomb people during the prayers, as if those soldiers, shelling people with artillery and rockets, were unbelievers who do not pray. But how and when do these soldiers pray while the sounds of the missiles fall on people like rain at the time of each prayer. The missiles of the Republican Guards, lead by the oldest son of the President, did not have mercy upon the houses of people and their lives. The Security Forces, lead by the nephew of the President who no longer has power, showed no mercy to people who are safe in their homes. Thugs who are supported by funds of state, which is still controlled by the president who no longer has power, do not pity the children’s moaning caused by the sounds of rocket and artillery explosions every night.

Children in Taiz no longer sleep as the rest of the world’s children do. The tyrant made the people in Taiz used to sleep and wake up on sounds of bullets and cannons, and afraid of their protectors whose tasks has been turned from protecting a country to defending a family and killing the homeland. Children and old people in Taiz sleep and they do not know whether they will see another dawn and a new day or not.              
Taiz is being destroyed in revenge for its leading role in the revolution, and its children are being killed by the Republican Guards’ forces shells that are supposed to protect them not kill them. I have never seen the Yemeni Army so brave except when people came out demanding change. I did not find this huge army but submissive and weak when its territories were occupied by a small state like Eritrea in 1997 when the ruler tended to peace spending millions of dollars to regain the land occupied by foreigner after violating its sovereignty. This case of the army is similar to other cases of other Arab regimes whose territories area still occupied up to now whereas this regime is ready to spread hundreds of tanks in the streets to oppress people and kill them. When it comes to citizens, oppression is all what we see and , unfortunately, oppression coupled with blood and bullets.        
Taiz today is being slain from vein to vein
And you find some people disguise being from Taiz and justify slaying it
All the people who justifies killing the people in Taiz are from Taiz. It’s likely true that the regime want to confirm that the enemies of Taiz city are the Taizi people themselves. However, Taiz city and its revolutionary spirit realize carefully that those people are not but mere useless cards who, on a day, will pay the price of justifying killing their city.
Today Taiz city sees the light
Taiz city will no more remain silent
Will never kneel to you Ali
And will never be subjugated by any one. 
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